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Over 90% of youth organizations use volunteer coaches, yet for the vast majority recruiting and preparing coaches has been the biggest challenge for quite some time. Declining volunteerism and increasing legislation/expectations for vetting and training youth coaches have magnified the challenge. Most organizations are overwhelmed just completing the essential activities to get the program up and running each season. Few organizations have been able to invest the time and resources needed to make tangible improvements to their programs.....and therefore not many are truly achieving their stated mission.


Working with hundreds of youth organizations, we've created the industry's leading platform for recruiting, training, and administering youth coaches. All of our capabilities are now delivered on our CoachSpan software platform, built to simplify and automate the entire "coach life cycle", including:

  • Coach Recruiting
  • Coach Registration/Applications
  • Coaching Policy Acknowledgement
  • Background Check Authorization
  • General Coaching and Safety Training
  • Sport Specific Training and Coaching Materials


Our solutions have driven fundamental and lasting improvements within youth organizations in over 30 states. Our integrated platform is:

  • Making it easier for youth organizations to fill coaching positions...and earlier than ever before
  • Dramatically reducing the amount of manual work involved in "coach processes", by automating and integrating all of the core functions on one platform
  • Helping organizations keep up with the growing mandate for coach vetting and training
  • Getting coaches more engaged in their role, more aligned with the program mission, and ultimately more prepared to coach

We continue to expand the range of services we offer to volunteer driven youth organizations, and have become the leading provider of integrated software and content for youth coaching in the U.S.

Fill your Coach Positions weeks earlier with 80% less effort


Eliminate the Paper and Hassle of Coach Paperwork


Improve and Automate Coach Training


Improve Skill Development with Better Coaching Resources

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